Chipotle Catering Menu Prices and Review

Chipotle Catering Menu Prices

Chipotle Catering Menu Prices and Review 2019

History of Chipotle, it’s menu prices and review

Chipotle is a go-to specialty food shop offering Mexican flavors nachos and burritos. It can’t be named a cheap food chain as it never utilizes profound fat fryers and artificial fixings.

It likewise offers catering administrations over the United States where the menu comprises of basically all that you could discover in their eating place.

Chipotle is known for utilizing just great fixings. For a progressively fun eating knowledge, food things are arranged just before your eyes.

Chipotle had its unassuming beginnings as a boutique burrito shop in Boulder, Colorado before it spread to more than 2,000 areas in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany and the U.K.

Chipotle was established by Steve Els in 1993. McDonald’s Corp., is a noteworthy financial specialist since 1998 when the restaurant chain just had 16 stores.

Chipotle Catering Menu Prices

Chipotle Catering Menu Prices

Item Price
Two Meat Spread Price per person. 20-200 people order requirement.
Choose two meats from Chicken, Steak, Carnitas, Barbacoa, or Sofritas (vegan) $12.00
The Big Spread – Three Meats and Fajita Veggies
Price per person. 20-200 people order requirement.
Choose three meats from Chicken, Steak, Carnitas, Barbacoa, or Sofritas (vegan) $13.50
Burritos By The Box
Price per person. 6 or more people order requirement
Burrito $8.75
Chips & Salsa Spreads
Price per box
Chips & Salsa Spread (serves 10-15) $40.00
Chips & Salsa Spread (serves 15-20) $55.00

Advantages of Chipotle Catering

Chipotle Catering administration is appropriate for pretty much any occasion, regardless of whether little or huge. It offers alternatives that are sans bother as they enable your visitors to do their preferred blending and coordinating food from the menu.

Visitors will likewise without a doubt appreciate your decision due to its solid choices. Chipotle invests heavily in cooking new and maintains a strategic distance from counterfeit and solidified fixings. It utilizes conventional strategy for cooking and absolutely dismisses profound broiling.

Step by step instructions to Order from Chipotle Catering

A make your-own taco choice is a well known decision for generally occasions. You can pick up to three meat decisions, including chorizo, sofritas, barbacoa, and chicken. A more advantageous alternative is fajita veggies.

Putting in your request at Chipotle Catering should be possible by calling 1800 CHIPOTLE (244-7685) or by specifically setting off to their nearby restaurant close to you.

Web based ordering is likewise accessible. You may click here to put in your request. To make it considerably simpler, you may download their versatile application that works both for iPhone and Android.

Ordered food are for pickup. Show in your order as to your favored date and time. It as of now doesn’t offer conveyance, however the administration is dealing with it because of extreme interest of clients mentioning it.

Since food at Chipotle is promptly accessible, same-date order is adequate for little gatherings. In any case, for gatherings more than 20 individuals, you should give your neighborhood restaurant in any event 24 hour take note.

Chipotle Catering Reviews

Chipotle Catering has a few choices that will best suit your occasion needs. It is ideal for any gathering requiring as few as six or upwards of 200.

For occasions on the fly with constrained measure of room, Chipotle Catering offers burritos by the case. Chipotle Spread choice, then, is a best fit for the sake of entertainment parties as it enables your visitors to make their own burritos and tacos.

Spending limit per individual for Burritos by the crate begins at a moderate cost of $8.75, while Chipotle Spread reaches from $12 to $13.50.

Ordered food are conveniently bundled for pickup. The Chipotle Spread choice accompanies a manual for simple set-up and for your visitors to appreciate. Table cards are additionally included to mark a large number of the things.

Prices on Chipotle catering food menu are sensible and contrast positively and different restaurants that don’t offer a similar degree of value.

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