Kona Ice Truck Menu Prices, History & Review

Kona Ice Truck Menu Prices, History & Review : Kona Ice Truck Near Me

Kona Ice Truck Menu Prices, History & Review

Kona Ice has turned into a shaved ice truck establishment with numerous areas in America. With ten distinct flavors and innovation that enables clients to pick how much syrup they need and to stir up flavors, Kona Ice offers an individualized encounter for clients.

This is an enhanced ice truck that enables clients to tweak their very own flavors. Notwithstanding, they are not simply in the matter of selling solidified treats; they pride themselves on selling an encounter, with a wonderfully vivid truck and blustery, tropical music to go with your experience.

Kona Ice Truck Menu Prices, History & Review : Kona Ice Truck Near Me




Kowabunga and Color Changing Cups Receive $3.00 Refills
Cup Regular $3.00
Cup King Kona $4.00
Cup Kowabunga $5.00
Color Changing Cup $5.00


Birthday Package 24 Cups $110.00
Each Cup Over 24 1 Cup $2.50


This history of shaved ice goes right back to Ancient Rome, however Kona Ice began more as of late than that. It was set up in 2007 Florence, Kentucky by a person named Tony Lamb. Sheep established the organization in quest for structure solidified sweet truck of predominant quality. After one year, the organization previously started diversifying.

From that point forward, it has been uncontrollably effective and keeps on developing today. In 2012, it started the Kona Mini, intended to sell snow cones inside. In 2013, it handled a spot in the Franchise 500 rundown by Entrepreneur magazine, and was evaluated one of the fastest developing organizations in America. It was named in a rundown of the best eight establishment organizations in the U.S. in 2014.

Kona Ice likewise centers intensely around offering back to the network. In 2014, the organization united with its main residence neighbor Northern Kentucky University and built up an entry level position program, and furthermore gave $2,000 to one of NKU’s business-arranged offices. It likewise joined forces with the Make-A-Wish Foundation a year later, and has given $25 million to network outreach associations as far back as its unassuming beginnings in 2007.

It is currently found in 43 states with in excess of 600 areas. Clients can pick which flavors they need with the Flavorware, a protected gadget of flavor incorporated with the truck. With it they can blend it up with fruity flavors like Wild Watermelon, Lemon Lime-A-Licious, and Strawberry’d Treasure.


This shaved ice truck is an alternate type of frozen yogurt trucks. There is an assortment of flavors to browse, and clients can blend anyway numerous flavors they might want with the Flavorware. Clients can likewise demand a scoop of vanilla dessert and consolidated milk with their enhanced ice. A few clients do grumble that the ice isn’t really shaved, yet rather squashed, which can bring about an alternate surface and experience.

One thing that puts Kona Ice above most other dessert or solidified treat trucks is its nourishment esteem. Kona Ice conveys various assortments, as Klassic, Vita-Blend, Isotonic Performance Blend, and Sugar Free, some of which are implanted with nutrients C and D or different B nutrients. Their Klassic seasons likewise contain up to 60% less sugar than other enhanced ice syrups.

Kona Ice regularly takes into account occasions, regardless of whether it be a youngster’s birthday party or an organization gathering. Since it is a portable business, Kona takes the truck to the occasion, not the a different way. That, however they likewise utilize their Kona Mini to take into account inside occasions also.

The Kona Ice Menu Prices are additionally sensible. The littlest cup on the Kona Ice Menu Prices is 8 ounces, which is as yet a sizable sum, for around $2, and the “Kowabunga” size, at an astounding 22 ounces, is just around $5 (and a solidified mind). There are likewise 12 ounce and 16 ounce choices to browse. Kona Ice conveys a great deal of flavor and ice at a little cost.


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