Sonny’s BBQ Catering Menu Prices and Review

Sonny’s BBQ Catering Menu Prices and Review : Sonny’s BBQ Near Me

Sonny’s BBQ Catering Menu Prices and Review : Sonny’s BBQ Near Me

Sonny’s BBQ Catering Menu Prices and Review 2019

Check the history of Sonny’s BBQ Catering then check below for their menu prices.

Sonny’s Barbecue catering administration offers a mix of gathering size segments of grill top picks from moderate smoked meats, sweets, delightful sides, beverages and others.

Their catering administration are proposed for 30 to huge gathering of visitors and the administrations incorporates get orders, set-up and serve sort of administration and conveyance administration.

Clients who are attached to holding their gatherings outside couldn’t imagine anything better than to test the administrations of Sonny’s BBQ Catering administration.

They don’t just give the well known southern style grill yet in addition offers included comfort in their catering administration.

Sonny’s BBQ Catering begun as a nearby family restaurant in Florida which was claimed by Floyd “Sonny” Tillman and spouse Lucille in 1968. Starting at 2015, they work 122 restaurants in nine states including North Carolina, Alabama, Tennesse, Kentucky and Louisiana.

Sonny’s BBQ Catering Menu

Item Price
Catering Starters
Seasonal Vegetable and Dip Platter $43.99
Cheese and Cracker Platter $43.99
Chicken Wing Platter $40.99
Chicken Tenders Platter $44.99
Fresh Fruit Platter $43.99
BBQ Favorites
Prices featured per person
One Meat (Pick-Up) $7.39
One Meat (Delivery) $8.99
Set-up & Serve $10.79
One Meat with Ribs (Pick-Up) $10.49
One Meat with Ribs (Delivery) $12.09
Set-up & Serve $13.89
Two Meats (Pick-Up) $8.19
Two Meats (Delivery) $9.79
Two Meats (Set-up & Serve) $11.59
Two Meats with Ribs (Pick-Up) $11.79
Two Meats with Ribs (Delivery) $13.39
Two Meats with Ribs (Set-up & Serve) $14.99
Three Meats (Pick-Up) $8.99
Three Meats (Delivery) $10.59
Three Meats (Set-up & Serve) $12.39
Hamburgers and Hot Dogs (Pick-Up) $7.29
Hamburgers and Hot Dogs (Delivery) $8.89
Hamburgers and Hot Dogs (Set-up & Serve) $10.69
Sweet and Smokey Ribs (Pick-Up) $10.99
Sweet and Smokey Ribs (Delivery) $12.59
Sweet and Smokey Ribs (Set-up & Serve) $14.39
Dry-Rubbed St. Louis Cut RIbs (Pick-Up) $10.99
Dry-Rubbed St. Louis Cut RIbs (Delivery) $12.59
Dry-Rubbed St. Louis Cut RIbs (Set-up & Serve) $14.39
Baby Back Ribs (Pick-Up) $13.59
Baby Back Ribs (Delivery) $14.99
Baby Back Ribs (Set-up & Serve) $16.79
Rib Sampler (Pick-Up) $13.39
Rib Sampler (Delivery) $14.79
Rib Sampler (Set-up & Serve) $16.59
Add a Brisket (extra) $0.89
Fruit Cobbler $25.99
Banana Pudding $25.99

Advantages of Sonny’s BBQ Catering

Sonny’s BBQ Catering gives their clients alternatives on their administrations, which could either be a get, set-up and serve kind or conveyance administration.

The clients can simply get to their site, see the catering menu offered by the restaurant closest to the client’s area and conclude the sort of administration required.

Individuals appear to like the sort of dish offered by Sonny’s since they have this mark Southern-style grill combined with other supper choices and a few side dishes to look over.

Instructions to Order from Sonny’s BBQ Catering

All catering bundle of Sonny’s BBQ incorporate decision meat(s), bread,three side dishes, paper plates and utensils, lemonade, grill sauces and new blended frosted tea.

The clients can simply pick mixes from any of the accompanying:

Sonny’s mark grill

Sonny’s mark ribs

Seven choices of side dishes


They likewise offer bundles for a little gathering of roughly 30 visitors with Sonny’s Catering Starters bundle of full size platters.

The clients should simply to discover the Sonny’s Barbecue Catering restaurant closest to their locationto put in their requests and pick their preferred bundle.

For clients who might go online orders, this will require 24 hours to process and they should contact the nearby Sonny’s straightforwardly to make the important arrangements.Service or conveyance charges may apply for certain administrations. Sonny’s require a 20-man least for all catering orders, with $400 least order for conveyance choices and $750 least for set-up and serve alternative.

Sonny’s BBQ Catering Reviews

Sonny’s grill catering give their clients a few choices to browse which incorporates Sonny’s Signature BBQ which is offered in one, two and three meats alternatives, Sonny’s Signature Ribs and Rib Combinations among different decisions.

The assessed evaluating range for different bundles with the exception of Sonny’s Catering Starters start from at least $12 to $15 per individual for get choices, $14-$16 for conveyance and a range from $15-$17 for the set-up and serve choices.

Administration or conveyance expenses may apply contingent upon the alternatives picked by the clients. A 20-man least is required for all catering orders.

Sonny’s base order for conveyance ought to be $400 as a bundle and a $700 least for set-up and serve.

Sonny’s BBQ catering administration offers a generally lower value contrasted with their rival which offers a limit of $22 per individual though Sonny’s most noteworthy cost is pegged at just $17 per individual.

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